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Here at Hillcrest Katahdins, our ewe flock is the product of fifteen years of rigorous selection, resulting in the most uniform, genetically homogenous set of ewes to be found anywhere. Any ewe that singles is culled, and we evaluate them based on performance records of their lambs. Hillcrest ewes are big, deep-bodied females with lots of bone. They are feminine with excellent milk production and deliver and raise their lambs without assistance. Let us help you improve your flock with an elite set of ewe lambs from Hillcrest Katahdins!

Combining our experience in livestock selection, animal science, and years of sheep production, we have designed our ewe flock as a low maintenance, highly efficient set of brood ewes that quickly raise their lambs to market weight with minimal investment.

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We have assembled 100 uniform females just like the ewe above. They are deep, broody ewes that generate revenue with very little assistance from us. Come see what everyone is talking about, the perfect modern Katahdin female.