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"Buckeye" BAG 2695 RR

Buckeye was the popular yearling buck entry by Ron Young and Buckeye Acres in Ohio, at the Midwest Stud Ram Sale in Sedalia a few years back. He has been the perfect outcross ram for our program, and has provided fresh genetics, while maintaining the unique meat sheep look that Hillcrest is known for. This ram is thick, deep bodied, and stout boned, and his daughters are big bodied ewes that carry their flesh on four correct corners. He has the rare level hip that is hard to find in Katahdins, and his lambs lead the way in the pasture and the show ring. Look for an outstanding crop in 2020! Owned jointly with Silver Maple Katahdins in Rose Hill, VA.


"Boomerang" KNZ 7082

Derived from totally Hillcrest genetics, Boomer was raised by long-time friend Teresa Kinzie in Dillwyn, Virginia. Hailed as the best, and highest performing ram lamb that she has ever raised, she sold him to friends Beth and Kevin Foster in Waverly, Iowa. By the grace of the good Lord, and the face of Benjamin Franklin, we were able to run him down and purchase him and bring him back to Virginia (thus the name). Longtime Katahdin breeders will quickly see the traits of Hillcrest, and further back Mountain View (Eric Dalton) Katahdins. As the heaviest ram that we have ever owned, Boomer is the pounds heavy power ram that we were looking for to cross on Buckeye daughters. With these two bucks, we are back to our trademark carcass sheep, and set for years of production. Look for offspring in 2020.